Major Remodeling Services

As homeowners, we renovate our homes for a multitude of reasons—because our families have grown, because we’ve become empty nesters, because we’re caring for our parents, because our homes need repair, because styles change or because our personal care needs change. Whatever your reason, Walt Schumm Custom Building is not only capable of handling the details and challenge, but they’re experts at all of it! Walt Schumm is a custom builder, but also a father of 5, grandparent and husband. Recently he found his family changing, and moved into an older home which needed to be remodeled to accommodate their needs. Check out the images in this gallery of the grand transformation!



Remodeling Services

You might be looking to add a bedroom for another child, open up walls, finish a basement, or you need your home to be functional for you to age in place, home fit you again. We are experienced in whole home remodels—from kitchens, to bathrooms, to additions.

If your home needs to change to meet your family’s needs, we can help.

Exterior Renovations

Change or Open Up Floorplan

Outbuildings or Additional Garages

Bathroom Remodeling

Finish Basement


Kitchen Remodeling