Major Life Changes Need Major Remodeling Services

Life is full of changes—families grow, kids leave the home, or your parents come and stay with you because they need care. You may get a new car, or your personal care needs change. Your house may require some repairs or need updating in style. With all those changes, your home needs to adapt. Walt Schumm Custom Building is a custom building company who understands this. That is why we offer superior remodeling services that fit your needs.

Whatever your reason, Walt Schumm Custom Building is not only capable of handling the details and challenge, but they’re experts at all of it! Walt Schumm is a custom builder, but also a father of 5, grandparent and husband. Recently he found his family changing, and moved into an older home which needed to be remodeled to accommodate their needs. Check out the images in this gallery of the grand transformation!



Professional Remodeling Contractor in LaGrange, KY

Walt Schumm Custom Building is proud of the work that we do for our clients.  Our workmanship speaks for itself. Whether you need exterior renovations, kitchens or bathroom remodeling, or a finished basement, we can provide an expert hand to change your home for the better. For superior remodeling services in LaGrange and the surrounding areas, call Walt Schumm at 502-593-7421 today.

Exterior Renovations

First impressions are essential. Your home’s exteriors are the first thing that neighbors and guests see. If your home needs an updated exterior style or you’re simply looking to have a unique exterior design to stand above the rest, Walt Schumm Custom Building can help. You can rely on us for quality exterior renovations.

Outbuildings or Additional Garages

Need extra space for a new car, a storage area for lawn care tools, or an in-law suite for guests? Walt Schumm Custom Building is an experienced builder when it comes to outbuildings or additional garages. We will work with you to determine how much space you need and build your project under the correct specifications.

Finish Basement

Did you know that a finished basement can add value to your home? Walt Schumm Custom Building can help you finish your basement so that you can have an extra functional space to enjoy. A finished basement can be anything like an entertainment room, a lounge area, or even an additional guestroom. From stairwells and floors to finished walls and leveled ceilings, we offer complete remodeling services for your basement.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen can also be aesthetically pleasing as much as it is functional. Walt Schumm Custom Building is experienced at transforming kitchens, from cabinet painting and makeovers to countertops and appliance installation. Our team will work with you to achieve your dream kitchen design. Look no further when you’re in need of kitchen remodeling services.

Change or Open Up Floorplan

Walt Schumm Custom Building can help open up your home’s interiors. Changing your floorplan can do wonders for you as you age and your lifestyle changes. This allows you to enjoy your home longer and will enable you to navigate it independently. Maybe you’re just looking to update your floor plan to expand your home or correct the lousy layout from previous owners. Whatever reason you have to change it up, Walt Schumm can get the job done.

Bathroom Remodeling

Having a beautiful bathroom can help it turn into a place of relaxation. Walt Schumm Custom Building offers comprehensive bathroom remodeling services, including tile replacements, shower and bathtub installation, cabinetry, lighting, and more. We can help you achieve a bathroom design that matches the overall aesthetic of your home. Trust Walt Schumm for excellent bathroom remodeling services.


Moving to a bigger home is unnecessary when the family grows. When you need to expand your home or add another room to accommodate your family’s needs, Walt Schumm Custom Building is a remodeling contractor you can rely on. We provide professional home addition services based on your ideal designs. Having more space in your home is possible with the help of Walt Schumm.